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Are those of our customers. Every idea, dream, project or plan of each entrepreneur is ours and treated it as our own, with all interest, enthusiasm and honest dedication. Share yours with us and explore its possibilities, without any cost or obligation.

If you are looking for customers or suppliers, exact knowledge of your market in Europe or Asia, or industrial, capitalist or business partners; if you want to just settle in Europe or Asia and expand your company or business far away and open up to the world, we are an experienced, good travel partner and adventure. We encourage tourism and environmental development of the regions of Asia where we work, to the subsequent establishment of a business bridge and professional and tourist services which ensure a permanent exchange of people, products, brands, technology, culture and wisdom.

European brands and patents of pharmaceutical products and the Third Age markets are subjects we are also working on, so we look for entrepreneurs in Asia who are interested in acquiring the technology and expertise that Spain have in the matter, and especially for the construction, development and maintenance of centers of commercial distribution of health services and geriatric residency.

Another project, for instance, is the establishment of corporate alliances for the progressive installation of environmental improvements in China´s urban and industrial centers, as well as for manufacturing next generation lighting, so that European entrepreneurs can learn and benefit from the advantages of manufacturing these products in Asia.

And to quote others, we go in search of suitable sites for the installation of resorts and modern factories processing agricultural products and raw materials in the territories of Asia where we work.