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Each project is analyzed preliminary without cost or obligation to the customer, and an Action Plan containing measures and very concrete actions and a budget cost of time and money is added, all of which is subject to the approval and signature of each customer, in case of agreement it is arranged a confidential, particular and specific or special contract for any specific case, we put in place and compliance subscribe.

According to the special features of each project of customers, it is impossible to anticipate the cost or budget of our services. For instance, it is not the same as riding a custom trade mission to hold specific meetings of interest to the project, which can last an average of ten days, to find physical location for industrial investment in foreign soil in partnership with local entrepreneurs.

Tell us what interests you and try to get your non biding quote and contract.

One thing you may be interested is the "FOUNDATION-LIAN FENG" because we dedicate one percent (1%) of all benefits to help the education in the poorest rural areas of the territories of Asia where we work.